amplitude modulation

Amplitude Modulation is coming back

AM Rally on April 1-3 Weekend an Opportunity to Try a Vintage Mode If you’re not familiar with full-carrier amplitude modulation (AM) or have never used it on the air, you’ll have a chance during the AM Rally during the…

-- Warning: Dangerous new Gmail phishing attack can easily steal your Google login --

Gmail phishing attack warning

 — Warning: Dangerous new Gmail phishing attack can easily steal your Google login — Why are the Windows and Android platforms always targeted by malware and other malicious attacks from nefarious hackers? Because they’re used by so many people that…


RadioShack Again Files for Bankruptcy

RadioShack is in trouble again… Once the go-to store for radio amateurs, electronics tinkerers, and shortwave listeners, RadioShack has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy for the second time in 2 years, placing the future of its remaining stores in jeopardy….

amateur radio club

Amateur Radio Club Celebrates 100 Years

Congratulations to the University of Arkansas amateur radio club The University of Arkansas Amateur Radio Club recently celebrated a milestone: The club has been a licensed ham radio station for 100 years, since 1916. It is one of the oldest…


ARRL blasted by Wireless Estimator

Indeed the ARRL should have known better…  The online publication Wireless Estimator, which bills itself as “the premiere industry portal for the design, development, construction and maintenance of communications towers and other wireless structures,” has blasted the ARRL for the…

amplitude modulation

Making the most out of

The DX cluster website,, can be used in many different ways… There are times when I don’t want/need to turn on my big rig control/logging computer just for alerts, but I do need to keep track of certain DX stations. For…

google chrome computer security

Beware Google Chrome scam that could inject malware into your computer

Do you take computer security seriously? You really should…Do you use Microsoft Windows and the Google Chrome web browser? If so… A Google Chrome scam that could infect your computer with malware continues to pose a threat to users, according…

Palmyra K5P DXpedition

North Cook Islands Ham Back on the Air

Washington Club Gets North Cook Islands Ham Back on the Air after Lengthy Absence Thanks to the generosity of members of the ARRL-affiliated Western Washington DX Club (WWDXC) Pia “Papa Pia” Taraeka, E51PT, of Manihiki, North Cook Islands, is back…