Gus Browning Memorial DXpedition

2015 ARRL Phone DX Contest. Some thoughts.

Yet another ARRL Phone DX Contest has come and gone.

Propagation, at least for me, didn’t hold a candle to last month’s CW contest. I dabbled at bit this weekend, but I just don’t have the station to seriously compete when conditions are not good. I stayed mostly on 10m and 15 — I was far more successful on those higher bands.

I did chuckle at one particular W8. He was quite upset that he didn’t get TI5M on first call. He then questioned why he didn’t make the QSO on first call — right on frequency — interfering with TI5M’s current QSO attempt with another station. He then pontificated that TI5M wasn’t worth it and he left. OMG. What a jerk…

There were many big signals coming from the Caribbean — some serious contest efforts done there these days.

I used a new logging/rig-control program, Ham Radio Deluxe, during the contest for the very first time — not the brightest thing I’ve ever done. LOL. Trying to work DX quickly during a contest…spotting it and getting it correctly logged was a chore initially. Never did figure out how to set the default Sent log exchange to 59AZ. I know it’s possible. Just have to tinker more. But overall, I really like the program.

Getting back to contest — yes, many simplex pileups were unruly. Worse now than in my good old days — the 60s. But there are simply more DXers now. I attribute this to the FCC dropping the morse code requirement. It simply easier to get a license these days. I wonder why there aren’t a lot more “up 10” pileups on Phone.?During the CW contest(s), it’s quite common, but no where near as much on Phone. Hmmm…

I now look forward to CQ Magazine’s upcoming big DX contests. I always liked the CQ contests better…

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