ARRL emails to AOL Addresses Fail

ARRL Members with AOL Accounts Report Problems Receiving ARRL E-Mailings.

Since late September, ARRL has experienced intermittent problems delivering bulk e-mail products, such as The ARRL Letter and Section News, to member subscribers with AOL e-mail addresses. The problem is that AOL is not accepting all messages ARRL is sending; some make it through to subscribers, and some do not.

The League has open trouble tickets with AOL regarding this issue but has not yet received any substantive responses. As a result, there is no estimated time frame to resolve this problem. Delivery to all other major Internet Service Providers continues normally.

If you have an e-mail address and have been affected by this problem, ARRL suggests that you set up a new e-mail account with another provider and change the e-mail address in your ARRL member profile to the new account (click on “Edit your Profile” on the ARRL home page, after logging in). This problem is not specific to ARRL, as many other organizations are reporting the same issues with their AOL subscribers.

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If you still have an AOL email account, it’s time to get rid of it. This is the 21st century and you need reliable email. Go with Google’s Gmail or Microsoft’s Outlook. Both are free. For a variety of reasons including lack of reliability and privacy, I don’t recommend Yahoo email at all.

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