Facebook and Fake News -- A Simple Solution

Facebook and Fake News — A Simple Solution

Ask yourself why you get news from Facebook in the first place Why not get your news from a variety of major news websites? News from Facebook can be very murky. Here’s a simple solution: Get yourself a free newsreader…

Iris by Lowe'es http://amzn.to/2igUZCH

Iris by Lowe’s – Tips and Tricks

I have been a long time user of the Iris by Lowe’s home automation system I began using the Iris by Lowe’s home automation system years ago when it was first released. Earlier this year when Lowe’s announced the addition…

RIGblaster advantage http://amzn.to/2ju0lyo

RIGblaster Advantage, a hands-on review

RIGblaster Advantage, a great way to enter the DIGI world. I have been very late getting to ham radio’s new digital world. After reading a lot about FT8 in particular, I decided to jump in. And the RIGblaster Advantage has…

Fingbox: http://amzn.to/2hKPqM8

FINGBOX – Quickly Improve your home network security

You can greatly improved the security of your home network by simply plugging a Fingbox into your router or Ethernet switch A Fingbox is a cost effective network security device that watches over and helps you better control your home…

Gus Browning Memorial DXpedition

Gus Browning Memorial DXpedition

Offers the Opportunity to Work Bhutan on Top Band If you have not already worked Bhutan on 160 meters, the Gus Browning Memorial DXpedition starting this weekend (and again briefly later this month) may be your big chance, especially if…


FCC Affirms Huge Fine in New York Interference Case

The FCC has affirmed a huge fine of more than $400,000 on Jay Peralta, of Queens, New York Peralta <sic> has admitted to making unauthorized transmissions on New York City Police Department (NYPD) radio frequencies, maliciously interfering with officers’ communications….


FCC – New Personal Radio (Part 95) Rules Take Effect Tomorrow

CBers and FRS users rejoyce! The FCC’s rewrite of its rules for the Part 95 Personal Radio Services takes effect tomorrow, September 28, 2017. Major changes include removing the 155-mile distance limit on CB contacts (yes folks, there was a…