Windows 10 anniversary update

Can’t find the new Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Microsoft released its new Windows 10 Anniversary Update yesterday, but where is it?

For a lot of folks it’s MIA. Yes, Microsoft did release it — sort of, kinda of.

The easiest way is just to wait for it. Eventually it will be part of your Windows Update cycle. But when? Microsoft is rolling it out very slowly. When will you get it? Who knows. But Microsoft touts that the Anniversary Update greatly improves computer security. So that tells me I want it sooner, not later.

Several of the major tech news sites that I perused today have some convoluted suggestions about how to get it quicker — including links to pages that are no longer in existence or cryptic instructions about how to download an ISO file and burn it to disc, blah blah blah. But none of them gives us a really simple way of getting the update NOW.

Here is THE much easier way!

Simply click on this Microsoft link below. It will take you to the Microsoft web page where you can begin downloading the update immediately:

(or simply open Windows Update then click on the Learn more link. Then click the Get the Anniversary Update now button.)