Facebook and Fake News -- A Simple Solution

Facebook and Fake News — A Simple Solution

Ask yourself why you get news from Facebook in the first place Why not get your news from a variety of major news websites? News from Facebook can be very murky. Here’s a simple solution: Get yourself a free newsreader…


Why I now give DXEngineering a perfect ’10’ score

My first order from DXEngineering was a bit bumpy… But frankly my problems were billing related. Once the initial stumbling block was cleared, I did receive my order promptly. After beginning my radial plate and wires installation, I did discover that I was…


ARRL Appoints Panel to Study Ham Radio License Requirements

Is it really too difficult these days to become a ham radio operator? An ARRL Board of Directors-appointed ad hoc committee will study the current Technician license exam requirements and recommend possible changes, which may eventually find their way into an…

France - We Are With You

France – We Are With You

Long live France. Long live the Republic.

dx pirates

Computer Security – Antivirus

Many of us have our rigs hooked to computers these days. Though I left the Microsoft Windows fold years ago for Apple Macs, the rig control and logging software which I prefer, Ham-Radio-Deluxe (HRD), only runs on Microsoft Windows. As the former…


My Path to a Vanity Call Sign

The trials and tribulations of applying for a vanity call sign. On May 14 I passed my Extra class exam. On May 20 the FCC updated its ULS database with my new privileges so I immediately applied for one particular…

Changes to CQ World Wide SSB and CW Contests. Good luck understanding them!

Thoughts about the CQ World Wide WPX CW contest

This past weekend many of us participated in the CQ World Wide WPX CW contest. Just for fun I thought I would share some of my contest observations on this blog. First and foremost let me say I love this contest….