Internet Speed Test - Done Right

Internet Speed Test – Done Right

Internet speed test. From time to time we’ve all wanted to check on our Internet speed. But why do we go to far away nondescript websites to run a speed test? The proprietors of many of those websites actually want…

Network uptime monitor

Network Uptime Monitor monitors your ISP connection

Meet the Network Uptime Monitor. The Internet Connection monitor… A field technician from my ISP just left my home with a smile on his face. I was able to give him 100% accurate information about when and for how long…

Router 101 - How best to stay safe online

Router 101 – How best to stay safe online

–Your router is the first line of defense in keeping your home network safe– The dark side of the Internet is getting worse every day…ransomware, malware and viruses. This list could go on and on. I know this very well….

Windows 10 anniversary update

Can’t find the new Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Microsoft released its new Windows 10 Anniversary Update yesterday, but where is it? For a lot of folks it’s MIA. Yes, Microsoft did release it — sort of, kinda of. The easiest way is just to wait for it. Eventually it will…

My new Icom IC-718 HF transceiver, a hands-on review

Starting out on HF with an Icom IC-718 My last HF rig was a Collins 32S-3B transmitter and a Collins 75S-3B receiver back in the 60s. Back then they was considered to be top of the line. I haven’t used…

Amateur Radio Parity Act

How to properly back up your ham radio logging software

Here’s how I back up my log: I use a PC software program, Log4OM, to record all my contacts and control my rig. You may very well use a similar program. But keeping frequent backup copies is critically important in case…