Choosing logging software, Log4OM hands-on review.

I have been researching logging software. This time it’s Log4OM.

Back in my day there was no logging software. Only a paper logbook and a pen. To-date I have tried DXLab, DxKeeper, Logger32 and a couple of others. I found them to be either confusing to setup, clumsy to use or both.

Then I accidentally ran across Log4OM and watched its YouTube setup and configuration video. It looked straight forward and easy to use so I took the plunge. Since it was free, I wouldn’t suffer any monetary disappointment if I didn’t like it; however, I will be sending in a donation if I continue to use it. So far so good with Log4OM. If you’re looking for a logging program, here’s where you need to go:

It seems to me that logging software is quite personal. What I like/need — you may not. But Log4OM seems to work for me. I was up and running in a very few minutes. Your mileage may vary. I will report back here once I have more experience with Log4OM.

Update: February 23, 2015. After using Log4OM extensively during this past weekend’s ARRL CW DX Contest, I ran across a handful of issues with Log4OM:

  • The program frequently stops responding — it freezes and I must restart it. If I keep the mouse pointer at the very top of the screen, Log4OM will not freeze, but that’s obviously not a good solution.
  • The cluster scanner only lists stations a few KHz each side of center frequency. This is quite a limitation. If you’re serious about contests, this may be a deal breaker for you.
  • I could not get LoTW working properly. I sought out an online chat group for Log4OM, but was unable to find a solution for my problem. It was suggested I go watch a Log4OM YouTube video. That didn’t sit right with me since other users had reported the same problem. But Log4OM is a free program. The support group is voluntary.

Given my recent issues with Log4OM, I am going to keep looking for logging software. My next attempt will be the 30-day trial version of Ham Radio Deluxe. It is clearly a much more sophisticated program and it’s not free. But Log4OM may work for you. You  have nothing to lose…it’s free.

Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) update: While I’m still teaching myself Ham Radio Deluxe, I have a strong feeling it’s going to be a winner long-term. It has every imaginable feature including a couple of kitchen sinks built-in. So much so, it can be a bit intimidating. I’m watching some HRD YouTube videos at the moment. Very helpful. The HRD manual, by the way, is 281 pages long! I’ll be reading selected chapters later this week. I discovered an article on the West Mountain Radio website detailing how to configure my RIGblaster Plug and Play with HRD. That’s going to save me a lot of time.