zl7g chatham island

Congrats to the ZL7G DXpedition

A job well done.

The ZL7G DXpedition to Chatham Island wrapped up on November 9 after logging more than 42,000 contacts, including nearly 3,000 of them on RTTY. The DXpedition team has dismantled stations and antennas and plans to depart the island on November 19. Chatham Island was number 95 on the ClubLog DXCC Most Wanted List.

“We continued with RTTY (2,900 QSOs now) and had hoped for one last grey line on 160,” a team news release said. “However, thunderstorms over New Zealand and Australia meant that 160-meter QSOs on the morning of [November 9] were hard to come by.”

Earlier, the team had complained of “dire HF conditions,” although things did improve. ZL7G recorded nearly 10,400 contacts with North American stations, more than 16,400 with stations in Europe, and nearly 14,000 with Asian stations. The contact count with stations in Africa and Asia were only in the triple digits. Complete results of the DXpedition are available on the ClubLog website.

(Original story source:  arrl.org)

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