The International Morse Preservation Society

Do You Like CW? Then Support These Guys…FISTS

The International Morse Preservation SocietyIf you are into CW, this organization deserves your support. Join today. I did.

Back in my day, when you came on board as a Novice class license holder, your only option was CW. I remember well my days on 40m CW. I actually got the DX bug because a VK put in a lot of time trying to work American novices in our minuscule section of 40m. My first DX contact from California all the way to Australia was absolutely mind blowing. I will never forget that VK. I was so proud! My gear back then was a HeathKit DX-20 running a few watts into a 40m Windom antenna about 15 ft. off the ground. I used a war surplus Hammarlund Signal Corps general coverage receiver which I bought via a classified ad in a local newspaper. The DX-20 was a kit which I built. Yes, my gear was modest — but I was only 13 years old.

But I digress…after all these years I still love CW. And due to the lack of manners on phone these days, I find it even more satisfying to hang out on HF CW. The International Morse Preservation Society, also known as the Fists CW Club, is a worthy organization in my opinion. Here is a short excerpt from its website:

If you live in North, South or Central America and the Islands, you may join the Americas Chapter of the FISTS CW Club. Membership is open to all people interested in Morse code, irrespective of their speed and ability. You can download an Americas Chapter membership application here Membership Application (PDF file) or use the application form on the inside back cover of your KeyNote. You can have an application mailed to you, send an e-mail to Jim Ranieri, AA9LS, and he will email an application to you, or mail an SASE to him at 33778 Rebecca Rd, Kingston IL 60145 and Jim will send you an application via return postal mail.

To learn more about FISTS, click here. And please consider joining. Let’s keep CW alive.