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“…Lately several of our users have written us to complain about unsolicited email (SPAM) that they have received from the site QRZCQ asking if we had something to do with it.

The short answer is “NO”, because QRZCQ isn’t related to QRZ in any way, except for one. The one thing they have in common with us is the callsign data, which was lifted off the QRZ website without our permission. They claim that someone “gave them the data” (it wasn’t hacked), and so therefore they feel entitled to use it. We have absolute, irrefutable proof that the data they have originated from QRZ.

Please tell anyone who mentions QRZCQ that it is just another copycat website who appropriated our name and our data in an attempt to confuse people and siphon off some of our web traffic. If QRZCQ were located in the United States, they would be quickly shut down by the courts and the problems and SPAM that they proliferate would cease to exist.

And as always, I wish to express my sincere gratitude for all those who visit and use the Real QRZ every day. It is users like you that help to make QRZ the number one web site in all of amateur radio…”

73 -fred
Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ
Publisher, QRZ.COM

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