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DX Code of Conduct Pioneer, Proponent Randy Johnson, W6SJ, SK

One of the driving forces behind the DX Code of Conduct, Randy Johnson, W6SJ, of Corona del Mar, California, died on March 27 following complications of heart surgery.

A member of ARRL and the First Class CW Operators Club (FOC), he was 79. Licensed the first time in 1951, Johnson let his ticket lapse when his interests wandered, but then, 50 years after he was first licensed, he took and passed all four US licensing levels in place at the time (2001) and became AE6AX.

The following year, he obtained W6SJ. He described his location as “an antenna-challenged environment” but said that made his DXing successes “all the sweeter.”

In 2010, Johnson penned an Op-Ed “DX Etiquette” that appeared in the March 2010 issue of QST. He said the positive feedback led him and “a good-sized band of DXers” to try to do something about poor operating by DXers, especially in DXpedition pileups. They developed the DX Code of Conduct. “We hope that ultimately when every ham gets on the air, he will remember the ethical operating practices that make our hobby so enjoyable,” Johnson said on his profile.