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A DXEngineering Nightmare

Placing an online order with DXEngineering was not easy:

I needed a radial plate and some miscellaneous hardware for my vertical antenna project. After selecting the items I wanted to order at dxengineering.com, I began the check-out process. I had established an account with DXEngineering some time ago, but had never ordered anything until now. Here is where the wheels began to fall off:

  • During check out I noticed my billing address matched my physical address. I needed to slightly change the billing address to match what my credit card company has on file. I live in a very rural area. My mailing address is different from my physical address because USPS does not deliver to my physical address. I tried to edit the necessary fields, but the webpage wouldn’t let me.
  • I decided to continue with the order hoping that the credit card verification process wouldn’t care about a PO Box/numeric address styling difference. The DXEngineering website accepted my order. I thought all was well…
  • But I was wrong! A few days later I received an email from DXEngineering. My order was in limbo. I needed to call them to verify credit card information.
  • I called the phone number given in the email. An automated attendant answered with the name Summit Racing. That through me for a loop. I hung up. Double-checked the phone number from the email and called again. Summit Racing again. Hmmm.
  • I waited on hold for a long time. Finally a human answered. I asked if this was DXEngineering. She said no. “This is customer service. Would you like to speak to DXEngineering?” “Yes, please” was my reply.
  • I was put back on hold and waited a long time to speak with another human. In great length I explained to the lady about the email, credit card verification mailing vs billing address issues, etc. She told me she understood the problem, but I would have to speak to someone else. She couldn’t help me.
  • I took a deep breath. Thanked her. And went back on hold again for a very long time.
  • When the third human answered, I explained the whole story for the second time. The lady quickly amended my account profile and my order was allowed to complete.
  • Success! Yes, but quite a hassle.

It’s just personal opinion, but I’ve never found the DXEngineering website to be search friendly and I definitely think the account profile section needs a lot of work.

Honestly, if I have to place another order with DXEngineering, I think I will call it in. Or maybe I’ll do business with HRO. The HRO website never gives me any ordering problems.

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