Facebook and Fake News -- A Simple Solution

Facebook and Fake News — A Simple Solution

Ask yourself why you get news from Facebook in the first place

Why not get your news from a variety of major news websites? News from Facebook can be very murky.

Here’s a simple solution:

  • Get yourself a free newsreader program. I use Feedly. Set up is simple regardless of which newsreader program you choose. And you’ll find programs for your desktop machine as well as your smartphone.
  • Select a number of news websites you want to follow; e.g. CNN, FoxNews, USAToday, CBSNews, ABS News, MSN, NBCNews, Reuters, Yahoo! News, BBC, etc. I give myself a sprinkling of left, center and right wing sites.
  • Now your news is aggregated and coming from sources you choose and — they are your choices, not Facebook’s.

Such a simple solution…not rocket science.