FCC issues Notice of Violation to N6PJB

Some guys never learn…

FCC Notice of Violation Alleges Malicious Interference, Transmitting Music, Failure to Identify

The FCC has issued a Notice of Violation (NoV) to a California Amateur Radio licensee, alleging that he caused willful and malicious interference, transmitted music, and failed to identify properly. The FCC Enforcement Bureau said in the Notice, issued on July 13 to Philip J. Beaudet, N6PJB, of Burney, that agents from the San Francisco, California, and Portland, Oregon, offices observed the violations on four occasions in August and October 2015. A General class licensee, Beaudet formerly held the call sign WD6FGE.

FCC agents responding to an interference complaint used direction-finding techniques to pin down the source of an interfering signal on 3908 kHz to Beaudet’s residence. They also observed and recorded transmissions of music on 3908 kHz from Beaudet’s amateur station. The agents said that while they were monitoring and recording, the station’s assigned call sign was not transmitted at the end of each communication.

The Enforcement Bureau said the Notice does not preclude it from taking further action, if warranted, including issuing a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture with respect to the cited violations.

The Bureau gave Beaudet 20 days to respond in writing to “fully explain each violation, including all relevant surrounding facts and circumstances.”

(Original story source:  arrl.org)