dx pirates

Ham radio pirates — an age old problem

We’ve had problems with ham radio pirates for decades. Here’s the latest:

Ever-persistent Hassan the Pirate from Baghdad, Iraq, continues to plague the Amateur Radio bands. According to The Daily DX (subscription required), this individual has been pirating and bootlegging multiple call signs for several years. He’s been heard bootlegging YI1HR, YI1H, YI1HRP, and YI1HI, and pirating the call signs YI1BGD, YI1IRQ, YI1DZ, and, most recently TA7/YI1RZ.

Telecommunication enforcement in Iraq appears to be lax to non-existent, so it’s unlikely the government there will do anything about the situation. Hassan operates on 20 meters SSB, usually around 14.178 to 14.188 MHz. The best policy here: Do not engage, do not spot.

Elsewhere, pirate 1A0KM Sovereign Military Order of Malta operations continue and have been spotted. All bona fide 1A0KM activities are publicized in advance on the 1A0KM QRZ.com page.

Just about every major DXpedition these days suffers from pirate activity. I always check the DX cluster spot against the announced frequencies the DXpedition will use. It’s often different. And throw in some common sense too — there should be no opening to the DX station, but his signal strength is S9. Something is afoot…

(Original story source:  arrl.org)