Tripp Lite surge strip TLP76MSG

Hands-On Review: Surge strip with individually controlled outlets

I have a handful of radios with rechargeable batteries, but each has different charging requirements.

It finally dawned on me that I could plug each into a Tripp Lite surge strip with individually controlled outlets. Now it is much easier to charge each radio according to its own requirements. Tripp Lite surge strip tlp76msg

A snow storm is coming — making sure my portable weather radio is fully charged.

And this isn’t your typical Walmart $2.99 surge protector ( feature list from Tripp Lite):

  • Energy-saving green outlets allow individual outlet control using illuminated power switches for cutting power to peripherals not in use.
  • Six green outlets have their own illuminated ON/OFF switch for cutting power to peripherals when they are not in use. One “Always On” outlet provides continuous power for devices such as DVRs (TiVo), cable and satellite boxes, modems, routers and fax machines.
  • In addition to the individual illuminated outlet switches, an illuminated Master Switch controls power to all outlets (except the Always On outlet) at once. It can override other “ON” settings to cut power to all switched outlets at once.
  • Protected (Green) LED assures protection is present & Always On (Red) LED indicates that the Always On outlet is receiving power.
    1080 joules surge suppression rating with EMI/RFI line noise filtering help components perform at their peak (sharper, crisper video; deeper, fuller audio and longer component life spans).
  • Automatic shutoff cuts power to outlets when the protection circuit has been compromised.

Highly recommended.