Hands-On Review UA9OV’s CwType program

CW keying made easy

If you need a simple way to key your transceiver via your PC’s keyboard, I can highly recommend CwType to you.

CwType is easy to set up and use. I have been using it full time as my CW application of choice for months now. It is rock solid.

I simply defined six macro keys, F2-F6, on my PC’s keyboard to send:

  • My call
  • RST
  • No No My call is …
  • QTH and name
  • de call call bk
  • Call, QTH and name

For my DX chasing I only need the first two macros 90% of the time — the others come in handy at times for exceptions or to send more info.

I don’t use a paddle at all anymore. If I need to go off macros, I just click the program’s TX button (or Ctrl-T) and begin typing manually.

To learn more about CwType, click here.

CwType is freeware, but I chose to send the author a donation. He is set up for PayPal donations.

To download CWType (Windows only), click here.