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Hands-on Review – 3Gstore Remote Power IP Switch

3Gstore Remote Power IP Switch. A simple solution to an annoying problem.

I live on a remote mountain plateau in the middle of nowhere. My Internet connection is less than reliable, but I have certain home automation and security devices that require an ‘always on’ Internet connection to function properly.

Recently I was away from home for three days. Shortly after leaving, my Internet connection went down for a brief period of time but literally stayed down because I needed to reboot my Internet modem to reset the connection…but I could only physically do that from home.

Then I ran across an inexpensive solution, the 3Gstore Remote Power IP Switch. It works off a very simple principle. If after x period of time, it senses no Internet connection it will reboot all gear connected to it — and keep doing it until the connection comes back. How and when it reboots is configurable via a free smartphone app or via your web browser. I have it connected to a three-way AC plug — it reboots my modem, modem splitter and router.


Setting up this little black box couldn’t be easier. Connect the included power cable to an AC outlet. Connect the included Ethernet patch cable to your router or Ethernet switch. Into the top of the box plug one or more devices which you want to be able to remotely or automatically power cycle. Follow the simple one-page printed instruction sheet to configure the IP switch. Took me five minutes and that included downloading the free control app for my iPhone.

There is a 2-outlet 3Gstore Remote Power IP Switch too. This upscale model allows you to power cycle devices which have different reboot parameters. I didn’t need this model since rebooting all three of my devices at the same time is sufficient to re-establish my Internet connection once it goes down.

If you want more details about the switch, click here to download the switch’s User Guide.

The switch works perfectly as advertised. One more problem solved at my QTH. Highly recommended.