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Hands-on Review APC Smart-UPS 1000VA UPS Sine Wave

After a couple of unfortunate CyberPower experiences, I have turned to APC again

I had convinced myself there was no reason to pay extra for the APC name  — that I could buy comparable CyberPower UPS’ for less. I was wrong.

I now wonder if CyberPower has quality control problems. If you get a good one, congrats — you just saved a bundle. But I got two that weren’t “good.” One shorted out and smoked after 7 months. The second one wouldn’t stay online after a year — it would simply shut itself off even though normal AC power was applied.

I take battery backup seriously. I have sensitive and expensive gear that I want to protect from surges and brownouts. And I need for my gear to gracefully shut down during prolonged power outages — I live on a mile-high + mountain plateau in the middle of nowhere. Reliable electricity is not a given up here. When you look at my new APC Smart-UPS 1000VA UPS in comparison to the CyberPower I just took out of service, the differences are stark: twice as big and three times as heavy.

When I was in the corporate I.T. world, I bought dozens of APCs — had literally no problems with them other than battery replacements which, of course, is to be expected. After I had yet another problem with my CyberPower (two out of there have suffered bizarre failures), I knew it was time to go back to APC.

Cheaper UPS’, even those from APC, generate modified square waves — and some of my more delicate electronics simply won’t work with non-pure sine wave power. — for me pure sine wave is mandatory.

My new APC is churning along normally and I highly suspect it will continue to do so for the next five years at which time I will change out the battery pack.

By the way, if I didn’t need the higher capacity APC, I would have looked at Tripp Lite. For lower power applications, the Tripp Lite BC600SINE UPS is my favorite.

Special note to self:  You can scrimp on some things, but battery backup isn’t one of them.

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