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Hands-On Review Desk Fan

I wanted to provide extra air flow around my Internet modem and router. A simple solution…a personal desk fan.

Actually, my first idea was to use a laptop cooling fan, but I couldn’t find one small enough to fit where my devices are positioned. So I tried several personal desk fans, but found them too noisy until I ran across this Senpaic USB-powered desk fan.

On low speed this desk fan moves quite a bit of air and is extremely quiet. Devices like modems, ethernet switches and routers can benefit greatly from improved air flow into and out of their vents. Keeping operating temperatures lower is always a good idea.

I chose USB over AC-powered simply because the AC desk fans I tried were way too noisy and very distracting. I plugged my fan into a AC to USB adapter to avoid taking up a precious USB port on a computer or hub.

If the devices you want to cool aren’t really close to you, running this fan on its high speed would be perfectly acceptable too. I prefer low speed because I’m so close to these devices and trying to relocate them elsewhere would be quite a job.

–Just my 2 cents…