Internet Speed Test - Done Right

Internet Speed Test – Done Right

Internet speed test. From time to time we’ve all wanted to check on our Internet speed.

But why do we go to far away nondescript websites to run a speed test? The proprietors of many of those websites actually want to serve us ads — not give us accurate Internet speed test information. However, there is now a better way:

Ookla, the company behind, just launched new Speedtest desktop programs for Microsoft’s Windows 10 and Apple’s macOS. Using the new programs, users can test internet speeds directly from their menu bars without having to open a browser. These lightweight programs have a speedometer logo in the menu bar that performs a complete speed test with one click and notifies you when it’s done.

Internet speed test

Speedtest works by sending a sample file from the server to your computer to calculate the download speed, which measures how fast your connection can pull data from the server to you — your streaming or download speed, essentially. This is a far more accurate way to determine your Internet speed.

It then sends the file back to the server to calculate the upload speed – which measures how fast your connection can send data from you to others, for video calling or file-sharing, say.

For your smartphone, Android or iPhone, I highly recommend a third-party app called OpenSignal. It gives you a wealth of information about your phone’s WiFi and cellular connectivity and speed, as well as coverage of other wireless carriers at your particular location. Go to your Google Play or Apple App Store to download these apps.