K1N dissected. My thoughts.

K1N has come and gone.
  • 138,409 QSOs representing 35,702 unique call signs. Our insatiable appetite to work a DX station band after band, mode after mode is the tell tale sign here. Hence…
  • The supply couldn’t meet the demand. Not a criticism. A quote from K1N’s website, “..Even with 125,000+ QSOs it is amazing that the pileups yesterday were almost as fierce as the very first couple of days…” I think they WERE as fierce.
  • The pileups were the largest I have ever seen. And to everyone trying to work K1N, “Up” does not mean up 0.05 KHz. Got quite messy at times.
  • The frequency police were out of control.
  • I laughed each time, particularly on CW, when I heard stations calling CQ DX on top of K1N. Such irony.
  • Bad tempers like I have never seen. Reminded me of CB radio. Intentional QRM. Fake stations handing out QSOs. A shame.
  • Bad DX cluster spots. Some of you thought you worked K1N, but worked another DX station instead. There was a 6Y5 on 10 CW, for example. His style of working a pileup was quite similar to K1N and he was sending at about the same speed, 35WPM. He also was very close to the frequency K1N had used. Some folks get too excited and just don’t listen. The 6Y5 ID’ed regularly. It’s a shame, but a bunch of folks are going to have “not in log” problems.
  • So you say you couldn’t work K1N? I am in Arizona –2,500 miles to K1N. With 100 watts and a G5RV Jr. barely off the ground (18 ft), I worked K1N on three bands. I realize it was a lot tougher for other continents. And yes there were conflicts. For example, K1N limited contacts to Asia sometimes. But it’s so hard to get the U.S. to shut up for long. Same for Europe.
  • The number of stations calling K1N on K1N ‘s transmit frequency astounded me. And the number of guys calling those guys LIDS and idiots on frequency too. And then arguments would break out on K1N’s calling frequency. Then intentional jamming. Going back to my early DX days in the 60s, there were some jerks around. But during K1N, the level of bad and illegal behavior was massive. Shameful. The DX code of conduct is indeed dead. Want to be serious about DXing in the 21st century? Just put together a big and powerful station…200 ft. towers, huge yagis, 1,500 watts, etc.
  • In the old days I thought the vast majority of the jerks out there were Americans. But now I think Europe has caught up. I don’t think the JAs are far behind. Trivia:  there are more licensed JAs than U.S. hams.
  • Are you really in the log? Go to and click the green and white “Am I in the log” button. Or you can do the same thing at
  • The propagation gods did let us down. K1N goes live and propagation did begin to head south.
  • Were there complaints? Of course. But you can’t please everyone all the time.

Now…about those gentlemen who operated from Navassa. I don’t ever remember a finer group of operators. Period. Every one of them I heard was a pro.

And to those of you who missed K1N. It will be another ten years before another DXpedition can mount an operation on Navassa.


P.S. I’ll have a much better DX experience next time. I will erect my ham shack this spring. Then the tall towers will begin to pop up. Can’t wait!