K5P Palmyra DXpedition 2016

K5P has come to an end. Some random thoughts.

The much sought after K5P Palmyra DXpedition has come and gone.

From my perspective — and I’m not trying to be a homer here — I don’t know any of those guys — here are my thoughts (rants) on K5P.

  • I laugh at those dxers who place demands, complaints and requests in the ‘Comments’ field of the various dx clusters. Do you really think the DXpedition is reading your comments?
  • There were a LOT of complaints about K5P using only vertical antennas 80-10m. Don’t you think there were some really good reasons why they couldn’t pack, ship and install towers and yagis? (I do.)
  • There were a LOT of complaints from Europe about K5P not giving Europe the princess treatment. But I remember several times when I was trying to work them on various bands they were QRV for Europe only.
  • Many dxers these days are more like CBers. They don’t listen. Do you really think a major DXpedition is going to work you simplex? And then the frequency police chime in. One after the other after the other. Over and over again. Disgraceful. Illegal too.
  • Too many stateside dxers have no patience or manners. If K5P is asking for W6/W7 only, why do you keep calling when you are not a 6 or a 7? Do you think they’re going to make an exception just for you?
  • Repeatedly I heard K5P operators giving call signs/signal reports over and over again. If you can’t hear K5P well enough to receive your QSO information, why on earth are you calling them in the first place?
  • Too many dxers just complain and whine — too much. The way I see it, dxing these days is 1000% easier than it was when I first started dxing back in the 60s. Back then we had no dx clusters — no propagation forecasts — no rig to PC interfaces. We just tuned around the bands. We found out about DXpeditions word of mouth or via newsletter subscriptions you paid for. No Internet back then either.
  • I heard some really bogus complaints too. For example, from Palmyra the operators can only work bands/modes when THEY have an opening from Palmyra. To those complainers who want K5P on 17 CW now — just maybe — just maybe — K5P doesn’t have the propagation NOW. So that’s why K5P is NOT on 17 now!
  • Every K5P operator I heard — on a scale of 1-10 — was an 11. These were some really top-notch operators with lots of experience — including the one who listened to me send my corrected call after I initially mis-paddled it as K6QQG instead of K6QQQ.
  • I regret the FCC took away the morse code license requirement. These days our ranks are full of former CBers and other morons. Clueless. The days of on-the-air civility are long gone and not coming back anytime soon.

And here are my negatives:

  • I do wish K5P had published a band plan and stuck to it. I did read on their website why they didn’t. After reading the explanation three times, I still didn’t understand their reasoning. LOL. That one is on me, I guess.
  • Sometimes they operated inside the FCC General class frequency ranges on various bands. I think that was a mistake — potentially a major increase in QRM for those of us trying to work them. Too many LIDs on top of them.

With my temporary setup which is 100w and a G5RV, Jr. @18 feet, I was able to work K5P on 20m CW and SSB and 15 CW. Not bad for such a meager station.

I wish thank all of those who made K5P possible. Great job, folks.

–Just my 2 cents. Your mileage may vary.