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KC0W Kicks Off CW-Only Philippines Operation

KC0W Kicks Off CW-Only Philippines Operation with Brand New 4I7 Prefix.

Rebounding from his aborted “Cows Over the World” DXpedition, Tom Callas, KC0W, of will commence a CW-only operation from the Philippines on November 8, using the call sign 4I7COW. This marks the first time the 4I7 prefix has been used. The Minnesota DXer plans to focus on 160 meters. He will operate from 4I7COW until November 22.

Following his return to the US, Callas plans to travel to Equatorial Guinea, where he will apply in person for 3C and 3C0 call signs. Given the complexity of the Equatorial Guinea licensing process, Callas has said he believes it’s best to make the preliminary trip to submit all 20 documents required for each call sign — and the personal touch may better his chances of getting both of his requested call signs. He noted that past DXpeditioners have had their radio gear confiscated by customs officials when they arrived in Equatorial Guinea.

He plans to activate Annobon (3C0) and Equatorial Guinea (3C) in December or January for at least 25 days from each entity. He may do some SSB operation too, but no digital modes.

Annobon is number 35 on the ClubLog DXCC Most Wanted List, while Equatorial Guinea is number 43.

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…The Minnesota DXer plans to focus on 160 meters…”


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