KC0W Regroups in Wake of Pacific Island Theft

KC0W moves on after theft.

Tom Callas, KC0W, who was forced to abruptly cancel the rest of his “Cows Over the World” Pacific DXpeditions after his belongings were stolen in Kiribati, has been regrouping.

“I will be in the Philippines from October 26-November 25, and the call sign will be 4I7COW,” Callas said on his QRZ.com profile. “This unique prefix has never been issued before, so it should generate some good interest.” Callas said he’s canceled his planned TG/KC0W DXpedition to Guatemala in favor of pending DXpeditions to Equatorial Guinea and Annobon, following his Philippines activity.

He reports “fantastic progress” in acquiring the 3C and 3C0 licenses. Equatorial Guinea is number 43 on the ClubLog DXCC Most Wanted List. Annobon is number 35. He hopes to be on the air from Equatorial Guinea and Annobon for 50 or 60 days and said to stay tuned for more information.

(Original story source:  arrl.org)