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Making the most out of

The DX cluster website,, can be used in many different ways…

There are times when I don’t want/need to turn on my big rig control/logging computer just for alerts, but I do need to keep track of certain DX stations. For example, for the last few days I have been following the VP6EU and TX5T DXpeditions. I generally expect them to be on the lower bands mornings, but propagation at those times isn’t in my favor. Alerts from my HRD computer wouldn’t be worthwhile to me, not to mention the extra energy consumption and wear and tear on my big PC.

But the DX cluster website can be very helpful during these times. displays well on my iPhone 6 Plus. I create a home page link to Then I go back to and set filters for VP6EU and TX5T and create an additional link on my phone’s home screen.

The first link gives me all spots. The second link just gives me only the two DXpeditions. I even set additional links for specific bands and modes if need be.

Later in the day I check to see if my DXpeditions have commenced operations on the higher bands. Then and only then do I power up my PC.

When I am up and running with my HRD PC, I also use on a secondary PC screen to monitor VOACAP propagation predictions for individual DX stations. Just left-click on any DX callsign then click on Show VOACAP Predictions.

My sincere thanks and appreciation go to those folks who created