Amateur radio Parity Act

Missouri Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes House

Congrats, hams in Missouri!

On Monday, April 10th, the Missouri House of Representatives passed House Bill HB1951 which is a mirror Bill to the Federal bills before the US Congress, HR1301/S1685. This Bill requires HOA’s in the State of Missouri to abide by the 3-part test within PRB-1 of “reasonable accommodation” and “minimal restriction to meet their legitimate purposes” with respect to the installation of antennas outside private residences within a covenant restrictive community.

The Bill has already had its first hearing on the Senate side and is slated to be brought up in committee by weeks end. If the Bill passes favorably through the Senate it will be sent to the Governor for signature and become statute in the state.

The bill was originated by Larry Scantlan, KEØKZ, and sponsored by Rep. Bryan Spencer with eight additional co-sponsors. It is being sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Paul Wieland. All Missouri amateurs are asked to contact their respective Senators and ask them to support this Bill.

Way to go, Missouri! Keep up the good work. It’s full-court press time now. Best of luck.