My search for the best portable weather radio

My search for the best portable weather radio

I literally researched every portable weather radio on the market.

Whether it’s for ham radio Field Day or during bad weather at home or on the go, we all should own a portable weather radio. But which one? My requirements were as follows:

  • Handheld
  • Can be powered by alkaline or rechargeable batteries
  • Can be recharged by AC or 12v DC power (optional DC charger/cable required
  • Optional rechargeable battery pack is continually recharged while the radio connected to an AC or DC power source and the radio is still operable
  • Must have a travel mode, i.e. a weather scan mode to automatically find strongest NOAA broadcast given your current location
  • Uses NOAA ‘S.A.M.E. Technology’ to receive alerts/warnings for the designated area or areas
  • Rugged construction to withstand outdoor and handheld usage
  • Can not be accidentally turned off

I only found one portable weather radio that met all of my requirements, the Midland HH54VP portable weather radio:

Midland weather radio insert 1

To give the radio the most flexibility possible, I also purchased a rechargeable battery pack

and a DC adapter/charging cable.

I also bought Panasonic’s new 4th generation rechargeable AA batteries for those times I want to operate the radio on rechargeables. These new batteries can be recharged thousands of times and hold a strong charge while being stored for years.

Note that when using the battery pack the radio can be plugged into either an AC or DC power source and it will continually keep the pack charged. The radio is operational in this mode too. If rechargeable batteries are used, they must be initially externally charged. When plugged into AC or DC power, the rechargeable batteries are NOT charged by the radio.

I have thoroughly tested the radio under varying scenarios and am very happy with my purchase decisions. Now whether it’s for Field Day or bad weather or even the coming of the zombie apocalypse, my weather radio should serve me well. If you’re in the market for a great portable weather radio, try this Midland HH54VP portable weather radio. Highly recommended.