Microsoft Windows 10

My Windows 10 Upgrade Saga

The PC that I run Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) on was a few Windows versions old.

In time HRD would stop supporting my old Windows version. I thought I had to pay to upgrade to Windows 10 so I had been avoiding it. But I finally realized that Microsoft is offering free upgrades for the first year after the release of Windows 10 — and you’re not charged any fees in subsequent years.

So I took the plunge last night and started the upgrade process as I slept:

  • Overnight about 3GB was downloaded
  • This morning I initiated the upgrade
  • I check on it about an hour later. It had successfully completed.
  • I was asked a handful of easy configuration questions and BAM. Done.

This was by far the easiest Windows upgrade I have ever done. Congrats to Microsoft for finally getting all of the techie nonsense out of the upgrade process.

Since I am a privacy nut, I did elect not to turn on Cortana. If you do, you’re giving Microsoft a treasure trove of personally-identifiable information about you. And this machine is dedicated to HRD anyway with one exception…

I sometimes may need to use a browser to access — my favorite online dx cluster. I decided to use Microsoft’s new browser, Edge, to set as its home page. Just before doing this, I noticed that Edge defaulted to Microsoft’s own search engine, Bing.

Long ago I made the decision to only use DuckDuckGo because DDG does NOT track you or maintain any search records on you. ed

To replace Bing with another engine is not intuitive. Microsoft makes you jump through hoops. Crafty, those folks in Redmond…still.

I finally figured out that I really couldn’t make the change by first going to Edge’s Settings, Advanced. You have to go to first — then to Settings, Advanced. I swear Microsoft is hoping to keep users on Bing by adding just enough complexity to make it exasperating for the casual user.

In any event HRD is now running well on Windows 10 and that’s all I wanted in the first place. Mission accomplished!