Gus Browning Memorial DXpedition

How NOT to work a rare DXpedition

DXpedition No-no’s. As 5J0P merrily perks along, these no-no’s came to mind.

The DX station says EU only. You’re not in Europe, but you keeping calling anyway. Do you really think he’s going to work you? He’s going to make an exception just for you! Really?

You only identify yourself with part of your call sign. You think you’re so slick! That is so illegal. Stop it.

The DX station says up 5. You continue to call on his frequency. ~sigh. Now you’ve upset the frequency police. And do you really think he is working simplex? You and thousands of other callers on the same frequency! Really?

The DX station says up 5. You call exactly up 5 — along with everyone else on the planet.

The DX station is SO weak you can’t really hear him, but you keep calling anyway. Please tell me why you do this. I really want to know.

You get in a hurry. VFO A & B problem no. 1. You’re calling on a frequency he’s not listening on.

You get in a hurry. VFO A & B problem no. 2. You’re calling him on a frequency on which you’re not licensed. Might as well erase him from your log NOW. And hope you don’t get a pink ticket in the mail.

You get in a hurry. VFO A & B problem no. 3. VFO A is set to CW. VFO B is set to USB. You don’t notice, but your RF power out is zero — you will be calling him for a very long time.

You didn’t tune your auto tuner. You’re transmitting at only 20% power. Suspect you’ll be calling him for a long time.

You’re having a fight with propagation and you’re losing. Patience, grasshopper! Heard of VOACAP?

You’ve already worked him on 15m sideband, but you want an insurance QSO just to be sure. Really? Sorry, that’s really frowned upon.

You leave requests and/or complaints in the comments section of a DX cluster. Do you really think they read what you write? Really?

You leave a false spot on a DX cluster to give you a leg up on the pileup. (Go find another hobby).

Can you think of any I’ve left out? Let me know and I’ll add them!


I received some awesome suggestions for additions, but several were adult rated so I won’t be able to post those. But here are some ‘G-rated’ ones:

  • The DX cluster police. Those who use the cluster to communicate with other DXers, usually derogatorily, though some of their comments may just simply be moronic. Let’s say it once again boys and girls “…DX clusters are for spots. ONLY spots…” (Submitted by: Prefers To Remain Anonymous)
  • You are heard calling ‘CQ DX’ within 1KHz of a rare DXpedition. Somehow you didn’t hear the DX station or its MASSIVE pileup nearby. (Submitted by: Prefers To Remain Anonymous)
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