Why I now give DXEngineering a perfect ’10’ score

My first order from DXEngineering was a bit bumpy…

But frankly my problems were billing related. Once the initial stumbling block was cleared, I did receive my order promptly.

After beginning my radial plate and wires installation, I did discover that I was missing a couple of screws and a washer. I emailed customer service just to advise them that the parts packages were short. I scrounged around my tool shed and came up similar hardware and continued on with my project. Never thought about it again.

Today, however, I received an order confirmation email from DXEngineering. Whoever ‘Bob’ is — his method of correcting a customer ‘complaint’ is to send, at no charge, complete replacement kits. Actually I didn’t complain and demand anything in my email to customer service — my email was just FYI in nature.

I find it refreshing in this day and age that a company really cares about its customers –even over such a small issue as mine. Contrary to my rant at the bottom of my initial DXEngineering blog post, DXEngineering is now at the TOP of my ‘go-to’ vendor list.

P.S. If you ever need a radial plate, the DXEngineering radial plate is an awesome piece of engineering. No need to shop around, just buy it. You’ll be glad you did…