Plans changing at VP8SGI

Plans changing at VP8SGI

The VP8SGI DXpedition is in a state of flux.

Here is the latest information available:

Today, EA5RM – VP8STI/VP8SGI Chief Pilot was in contact with N6PSE from early morning. They exchanged a lot of messages while they are in the middle of a big storm with high winds and snow. It seems that South Georgia weather does not want to give them a rest.

ATNO (all time new one) plans are going to change due propagation is shifting day to day. Tomorrow, February 7th, they will be asking for ATNO contacts time to time on any band, so please follow operator instructions and respect to those for whom VP8SGI is still an All Time New One.

They did not speak about 6 meters but plans for this band is still the same, if there is an available radio during his afternoon-evening, Paul will call EA5RM via Iridium Satellite few minutes before to start to call on 50.110 MHz so check DX Cluster Network spots.

EA5RM asked them for an earlier 160 meters activity looking to Western Europe and also to take profit of Grey Line with East Coast and it seems they are going to be on the Top Band earlier than previous days.