Changes to CQ World Wide SSB and CW Contests. Good luck understanding them!

Preliminary CQ World Wide Survey Results Suggest Contesters Trending Older

Here are the survey results, but…

“…CQ said the situation in Europe was “a little more optimistic,” where the age curve trended about 10 years younger overall.

“While the missing young people could be a symptom of the survey methodology, any look around a ham radio club meeting [or] convention reveals similar findings,” the survey commentary said. “Should we be concerned about the future of radiosport (and Amateur Radio)? What can we do to encourage more young people to participate?” it went on to ask.

The CQ WW Contest Committee analysis concluded that older-skewing operators may lead to lower operating times, increased multioperator entries, or eventual less overall activity.

CW was far and away the most popular operating mode, at least among participants aged 40 or older. Nearly 62 percent of those participating in the CQ WW survey indicated they were either serious contesters or part-timers trying for the best score.

“It was very gratifying to receive so many survey responses in such a short time,” the CQ WW Contest Committee said in summary. “The CQ WW community is passionate and engaged — both on the air and in considering the future of the event.” Other summary highlights:

  • Europe is the leader for contest activity
  • Contesters are getting older
  • There is a wide range of interest levels
  • CW is the favorite operating mode

The CQ WW Contest Committee said that a future blog post would discuss the responses to questions related to possible rule changes…”


But the size of the survey is quite small. Should its validity be questioned? Look at the response from North America in particular. And bullet point no. 3 is vague.  — Just my 2 cents…