Amateur Radio Parity Act

How to properly back up your ham radio logging software

Here’s how I back up my log:

I use a PC software program, Log4OM, to record all my contacts and control my rig. You may very well use a similar program. But keeping frequent backup copies is critically important in case your PC dies; is stolen or God forbid, you experience a fire, flood or other catastrophe.

I use a multiple tier backup approach:

  • All my QSOs automatically go to eQSL, HamQTH and ClubLog.
  • Log4OM lets me specify multiple backup locations. I backup to 1) a flash drive on my PC and also to 2) a Cloud storage account.

1)  This $7 Lexar flash drive even fits on your keychain. Just take it with you. You are protected.

2)  There are a slew of companies these days that will give you a free Cloud storage account. Dropbox is popular. So it the Microsoft’s OneDrive. As a matter of fact, Microsoft gives you a lot more storage space for free. It’s not likely your log would ever exceed the storage space that Microsoft gives you. You just need a Microsoft account. Go to and sign up. Then download the desktop Cloud app and direct your logging software to also backup to your new Cloud account.

Ham radio can be so much fun. But don’t let years of work be erased due to a catastrophe.

I am now fully protected and won’t lose any sleep thinking that years of QSOs could be lost.