Network uptime monitor

Network Uptime Monitor monitors your ISP connection

Meet the Network Uptime Monitor. The Internet Connection monitor…

A field technician from my ISP just left my home with a smile on his face. I was able to give him 100% accurate information about when and for how long my Internet connections dropped over the last two weeks. It has been a nightmare for me — I’ve talked to my ISP by phone over and over again — but no fix. Finally one customer service representative decrees that the problem must be with my equipment — not on their end. The tech who visited me this morning quickly determined my gear was all in order. The problem WAS at their end.

I use a simple software program called Network Uptime Monitor (NUM). It runs only on Microsoft Windows and costs $9.95, but it is well worth it in my opinion. NUM displays and records to a text file each and every time my ISP connection drops and for how long. The display is also useful to see when my connection begins to slow. Just start it and forget it.

Network Uptime Monitor

Know exactly what your Internet connection is doing to you at any given time

I gave the tech a copy of the text file which he will pass on to the engineers back at his office. I stand a much better chance of getting my problem fixed now.

Get full details about NUM here. For less than $10, NUM has been a godsend to me. Highly recommended.

P.S. Here’s my Plan B:

When my Internet connection fails, I typically have to power cycle my Internet modem to re-establish a connection when the connection does come back up. To guard against prolonged connection failures when I am away from home, I just bought a remote power IP switch. When this switch senses a connection failure, it will automatically power cycle my modem at a frequency I can set.

I have some home automation systems and a personal weather station — sends updates and weather cam pics to Weather Underground that depend on my Internet connection — these systems need to be online as much as possible, so this inexpensive IP switch was a perfect solution for my flaky Internet connection.