My return to HF begins

My return to HF begins

25 watts on 10m SSB can do an awful lot.

Yesterday I added a Radio Shack Realistic HTX-100 to my station. It’s a 10m-only 5/25w SSB/CW transceiver.

My ham gear as of Nov 29 2014

After monkeying around with my MFJ 945E antenna tuner, it finally dawned on me that my G5RV Jr. doesn’t need an antenna tuner on 10m so I set the tuner to bypass position. A handy feature.

Within a very few minutes, I worked ZL2WL. This was my first DX HF QSO in nearly 40 years. The adrenaline rush was amazing. I STILL have the dog xray bug even after so many years…

(The odd item in the photo is a Uniden base station/mobile scanner. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I want to stay in touch with my surroundings.)

I am soooo going to enjoy getting back on HF.