RIGblaster advantage http://amzn.to/2ju0lyo

RIGblaster Advantage, a hands-on review

RIGblaster Advantage, a great way to enter the DIGI world.

I have been very late getting to ham radio’s new digital world. After reading a lot about FT8 in particular, I decided to jump in. And the RIGblaster Advantage has made it very easy on me, a DIGI newbie.

The RIGblaster Advantage doesn’t tax your PC’s sound card/circuit because it has a built-in sound card. This makes configuration even easier. Just make the physical connections per the manual and you’re off and running.

I use the RIGblaster Advantage along with Ham Radio Deluxe’s DM780 module and for FT8 I use WSJT-X. The Advantage has been flawless with these programs.

RIGblaster advantage http://amzn.to/2ju0lyo

I’ve been using mine over a month now. It is absolutely solid. I have been principally using it on FT8, but also with CW and RTTY. It’s such a main stream box that you won’t find third-party digital software that it can’t handle.

Try the RIGblaster Advantage. You won’t be disppointed.