Kenwood TM-281A

Searching for the right 2m/70cm transceiver

My new Kenwood TM-281A transceiver just arrived…

If you by chance have been following my Diamond antenna posts, you know I’ve been waiting for this Kenwood transceiver to arrive to help me hit a particular not-so-local 2-meter repeater which is owned by the ARC I just joined (Yavapai Amateur Radio Club, — a great bunch of guys and gals).

Temporary home for my new TM-281A as I learn its operation

The ARC net meets tomorrow night. Let me spend today and tomorrow learning this new toy. The included instruction manual is only 73 pages (73? What a coincidence! <g>). I’ll turn this blog post into a real review on Thursday…

*Update 19 June 2014: As it turns out, this Kenwood transceiver has a hardware problem. After transmitting for a minute or so, power output drops radically. This  was not initially apparent when on repeaters, but it became immediately noticeable on simplex. Something is overheating. I will be getting an RMA this morning. This little guy is going back.

Stay tuned…a new Icom transceiver is on its way. Decided not to go with Kenwood again — a good friend of mine has heard of my Kenwood problem before…

Update, 3 July 2014. My Kenwood has now turned into an Icom IC-2300H. I will place a link here as soon as I can write the blog review.

Update:  Here is my Icom review.