Studying for the Extra Class license exam

Studying for the Extra Class license exam

Next month I will take the Extra Class license exam.

Sadly, I let my old license expire decades ago. So this March I took the Technician exam followed by the General in May. Now it’s time to go all the way. The theory I knew from the old days is out-of-date to say the least. Of course Ohm’s Law hasn’t changed, but the Extra exam I took back in the 60s isn’t even close to what I’ll be up against next month. Time and theory march on. And many FCC rules and reg changes too.

To begin preparing for the Extra Class exam, I looked at dozens of books and study guides that are available on the web and in print. I chose one particular paperback book from Amazon because I knew if I didn’t like it, I could send it back for free since I am an Amazon Prime member.

The study guide I picked is Extra Class FCC Element 4 Amateur Radio License Preparation by Gordon West, WB6NOA


I am well into the book now. I couldn’t be happier with it. We all study differently, but I find this book to be perfectly suited to my study habits (good and bad). It concisely gives me the answer to each of the possible 702 questions along with a small amount of why that particular answer is correct. The latter helps me reinforce in my head why the answer is correct — improves my memory retention. I formally studied theory a long time ago. Needless to say I have forgotten a lot.

I don’t know the author — frankly have never heard of him, but I do congratulate him for an extremely well-written book. I highly recommend it to you. If you’re going down this path too, click here to learn more about the book. I know he has written study guides for the Technician and General Class tests too. I can only assume they would be outstanding too.

My real life intervened for quite a while but yesterday, May 14, 2016, I did take and pass my Extra. Just waiting for the FCC to update ULS. My re-licensing is finally complete. I’ll NEVER EVER let my license expire again!