The MFJ-945E Antenna Tuner, a Hands-on Review

The MFJ-945E Antenna Tuner, a Hands-on Review

An economical manual antenna tuner.

When I was just getting back on HF after being off the air for decades, I needed an inexpensive manual antenna tuner for a 10m wire array I had just quickly thrown up. I wouldn’t be retuning the antenna, so a cheap manual tuner was all I needed.

MFJ-945E front

Front panel

I settled on the MFJ Enterprises MFJ-945E manual antenna tuner for these reasons:

  • Covers 6-160 meters
  • Inexpensive
  • Small in size
  • Would make a great mobile tuner in the future

Rear panel

If you need a fixed LC circuit to tune an antenna, i.e. you don’t need to retune it frequently, then a manual antenna gets the job done at a lot cheaper price point than an automatic tuner. And I was very pleased with the way this MFJ worked. It worked perfectly. I achieved a 1.2:1 VSWR. Done. Never have to touch it again.

The only caveat I offer is that if you need the meter lit, you have to supply an external power source. Supply your own or use these MFJ adapters:

When I replaced the 10m array with a G5RV, I no longer needed the manual tuner so I moved it to my pickup truck for my Midland portable CB radio. I keep it handy just for emergency purposes. Due to the small size of the MFJ-945E manual antenna tuner, it was easy to install it in the lower console compartment. And WOW, when you’re only dealing with 5 watts, a 1.1:1 VSWR makes a huge difference. Before tuning it, my antenna was over 5.:1 and I didn’t even know it!

All in all I feel the purchase of the MFJ-945E antenna tuner was money well spent and I get ongoing use out of it. I can highly recommend it to you.