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Weather Underground is shutting down our webcams

I was flabbergasted to hear that Weather Underground has decided to turn off all our weather webcams as of December, 15, 2017

For several years I have uploaded my webcam snapshots to Weather Underground (WU)…not for my consumption though…for everyone else on the web who wanted to view the surroundings in my part of Northern Arizona. I never watched the camera myself because I have several security cameras available to me should I need to take a look around my home while I’m away. This is a totally different system and has nothing to do with Weather Underground.

Since Weather Underground has been using my raw weather data for years to make money for themselves, I thought my weather webcam was a fair price to pay for them using my weather data.

In protest though I have now turned off my weather data feed to Weather Underground. Why did I do this?

Ambient Weather Station

Two reasons:

  1. If Weather Underground no longer wants my weather webcam pics, then I refuse to give them my weather feed data. Simply put I no longer want to have anything to do with Weather Underground.
  2. I was lucky enough to be using an Ambient Weather Station system which also feeds weather data to my weather station account. gives me a wealth of weather data presented in a far superior UI when compared to how Weather Underground presented the data. It was a simple matter for me to go into my Ambient account settings and remove the Weather Underground feed settings while maintaining my settings.

If you find yourself in the same boat as me:

Only twice in several years have I ever had to call Ambient for tech support. It is USA based. Calls are answered promptly. On a scale of 1 to 10, tech support is an 11.

No more Weather Underground for me.