Amateur Radio Parity Act

West Mountain Radio ripoff

My love affair with West Mountain Radio (WMR) just ended.

I am in the process of evaluating logging/rig-control software packages. I needed a rig-control cable to connect my RIGblaster Plug and Play interface unit to my Icom IC-718 transceiver. I didn’t have the parts on hand to build a cable, so I decided to order it directly from West Mountain Radio. WMR is the manufacturer orf RIGblasters anyway…I’ll be getting the correct cable for my specific application.

The cable only costs $9.95. Not a bad deal and I am in a hurry…the 30-day trial version of my Ham Radio Deluxe will run out soon.

So I proceeded to place my order on the West Mountain Radio website. I clicked and clicked as I entered my order information — all going according to plan — until I screeched to a halt at shipping charges. The cheapest method of shipment for a cable that weighs a couple of ounces is UPS for $17.00. Huh?

To West Mountain Radio:  “Not no, but hell no.” Out of principle, I refuse to pay $17.00. WMR wants to make its shipping operation a revenue center too. That’s capitalism. I understand that. If that’s what WMR wants to do, so be it. But WMR certainly isn’t getting my money.

I then headed over to the Ham Radio Outlet website and ordered the same cable while paying only a nominal shipping charge.