Your Help Is Urgently Needed — Amateur Radio Parity Act

Please help with the Amateur Radio Parity Act. Here’s what you can do! And it will only take you two minutes of your time!

For the past year, ARRL has been working in Congress and the Senate to promote the Amateur Radio Parity Act, legislation that would provide some relief on antenna restrictions for Amateurs living in deed-restricted communities. These bills are known as HR1301 is the House and S 1685 in the Senate. Complete information on the legislation is available here.

As part of these efforts, an ARRL official recently visited your representative in the US House of Representatives and asked for his/her support of HR 1301. To demonstrate this bill serves the interest of his constituents, we are asking you make direct contact with your representative’s office and ask them to support and co-sponsor HR 1301.

ARRL is now working with an organization called RallyCongress, which has set up a website that makes contacting your Representative an easy task. Please follow the link to

When you visit that page, simply enter your Zip code in the blank. RallyCongress will then create a custom letter to your Representative. After entering in your personal information (name, address, etc.), you will be able to preview the letter. When you are happy with the draft, you can submit the letter to your Representative by clicking the “send” button.

If you prefer to contact your Representative by phone, RallyCongress provides that information for you as well.

We are at a critical stage in getting the Amateur Radio Parity Act through Congress. The bill has cleared the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation on November 18; we need your help NOW to help the bill clear the US House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

Grassroots campaigns like this only work when all interested parties do their part. Please take a few minutes to let your Representative know this legislation is important to you and all the other Amateurs in your District.

Thank you for your help at this critical juncture. Let’s get this done!

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